1951: “Ma Frey”: Bartendress & Hotel owner’s daughter (3)

One of the famous landmarks in Pescadero was (and is) “Lincoln Hill,” on the south side of the town. “I’ve been on it enough,” Ma Frey, who tooled around in a 1935 Ford, said. “When I was a kid, we used to run up to see how fast we could get to the top, and when I was grown-up, I used to have to climb it all the way to get my cow. There was a nasty bull up there and I wouldn’t let the kids go up. I never was afraid of that bull.”

Lizzie Frey was born a McCormick [(“It’s Mick,” she interrupted, “We’re no Macs; we’re Irish.”] north of Pescadero, two or three ranches up Pomponio Creek. When she was a teenager, her father, John McCormick, purchased a hotel in town.

Her dad owned the Pescadero House, Swanton House and two livery stables. Both hotels were famous in the 1890s.

…to be continued…

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