Chapter Six: The Coburn Mystery [Original Draft]

Like most people, Dr. Brooke was curious to know who the benefactors of Sarah’s Will were. To his surprise no “blood” relatives were mentioned–but Sarah’s housekeeper, Margaret Harrison was. And so was John L. McNab, one of Sarah’s attorneys.

The Will provided that one-half of Mrs. Coburn’s estate, valued at $200,000, was to be divided between a C.H. Widemann and a judge from Monterey County. Wally CoburnĀ  (not a blood relative, remember Sarah was Loren’s sister-in-law) was bequeathed the income from $50,000. There were no other provisions for him.

Had Mrs. Coburn died without a Will, the estate would have gone directly to Wally–and if he died, the bulk would go to Arzo Coburn, one of Loren’s nephews who lived on the East Coast.


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