Chapter Two: “The Coburn Mystery” Original Draft [1988]

By June Morrall

In 1919 the commercial vitality of Pescadero could be found on San Gregorio Street.  There was J.C. Williamson’s General Store,  McCormick’s Merchandise Store, Duarte’s Tavern & Saloon, and the Elkhorn Saloon where Mrs. Frey worked as a bartender. The wildest bar in town was Ginola’s and another place called Amarahl’s.

The sidewalks were wooden and some of the stores looked like a Wild West town created by Hollywood–only Pescadero was authentic.

Carl J. Coburn, the errant nephew of Loren Coburn, ran “The Emporium,” where candy and tobacco was sold. Carl and his wife lived in a nearby house. He was friendly but manipulative and often had to borrow money from friends which he couldn’t pay back.

…to be continued….

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