Chapter Two:”The Coburn Mystery” Original Draft [1988]

By June Morrall

It was all pasture behind the shabby Coburn’s house on San Gregorio Street. This part of town was home to a dozen wooden buildings of various sizes and heights.

The road was the only way out of town, north to Half Moon Bay or south to Santa Cruz [traveling behind the fire station).

If you were going “next door” to visit friends or relatives in tiny San Gregorio, you’d pass the old cemetery and then the road twisted and turned past farms, a rural landscape, a couple of miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

Another twisty road led from Pescadero through the otherworldly forest of redwoods [with its shadows and shades of brown and green], over the mountains to Redwood City, the county seat.

But when the younger locals went to Half Moon Bay or Purisima, they went there to dance, the popular entertainment of the times. That, and during prohibition, music, dancing and some glasses of whiskey from the stills of Half Moon Bay or Pescadero. It was good to personally know the man who made the whiskey.

…to be continued…

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