Pescadero History

Hello, I’m June Morrall and I’m crazy about the Coastside. If you don’t believe me, this will be my third blog about the place where I live.

In 1992 I wrote a book about Pescadero called “The Coburn Mystery.” That was a longterm project because I couldn’t tear myself away from the ups and downs, ins and outs, unexpected connections and so on.

I read old newspapers and one thing kept leading to another. I couldn’t resist looking up more and more and more. For me, the remarkable Pescadero story had so many twists and turns that I wondered if it was all made up. Why? Because Pescadero is a very small town and you’d never think that so much could happen there. I was very pleased to later meet and interview locals who remembered the incidents and confirmed what I had read.

If only I had met more of the major characters…..

The “Coburn Mystery,” the published version, is different from what I will present here– and that will be the first draft, with all its flaws, of the Coburn book which consisted of everything I had learned ( and which had to be pared down to a minimum in the book).

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