….Between Storms….Story by John Vonderlin


Between Storms: Visit to Pescadero Beach

Story & photos by John Vonderlin

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Hi June

After last Thursday’s moderate storm, and with a much bigger one predicted for Saturday, I used the narrow window between the wind and the rain to do a “sweep” of the usually heavily visited beaches from Pescadero north to San Gregorio.

The iffy weather minimized the usual number of beachgoers, and the high waters in the creeks splitting these beaches, left some areas isolated from the average flotsam-and-jetsam enthusiast. Which is why, this time, I chose to visit three, too-popular-for-one-like-me spots.

At Pescadero Beach I visited the minor, but highly specialized “Vomitorium” that occurs at the foot of the stairs leading to the beach from the parking lot directly across Highway 1 where Pescadero Rd. dead-ends. This Vomitorium is noted for its production of tires and tire parts, Aerobie rings, shoe soles, snorkeling gear and fishing line balls. It didn’t disappoint as you can see from this picture.


Note that the tire chunk on the right is the major missing part of the handmade Ford Model T tire by Star Rubber Company, which I’ve written about recently.


After three months “Neptune” has finally spit out the last major piece. Hopefully, the nice spoked wheel it was on will materialize next. Not too likely though, because while rubber submerged in the ocean is almost eternal, all metals are rapidly corroded.

A wooden steering wheel, riddled with wormholes, from an old Rumrunner’s jalopy, that the tire might have been part of, would be too much to ask for, I suppose. But, one can hope. Enjoy. John

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