1899 & an Unknown Year….

In December 1899, Dr. Davis, the popular dentist, was staying the weekend at the Swanton–and the town was talking about a change of management…..as an “Italian will be the new manager.”

On March 1, year unknown this headline was found in the Call Bulletin:

Santa Cruz: Stage Topples Into the Sea

Wave carries Disaster to the Pescadero Coach

“20 miles up the coast the stage travels along the beach which at high tide is often covered by water. Yesterday the ocean was higher than at any time in 35 years.

“When driver James Harvey reached this point a monster wave dashed against the stage and upturned it.

“For 2 hours the horses, Harvey and the single passenger, William Steele, floundered in the cold waters of the Pacific. Both men are good swimmers. The horses were cut loose and found their way to dry land. Rigs arrived and after several hours the stage was turned over. The iron rim around the hub struck the rocks with such terrific force that it was bent like tin.”

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