The Secret of the South Coast Tunnels: Story by John Vonderlin

Uncovering the secrets of the South Coast tunnels.

Story by John Vonderlin
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Hi June,

A member of the Ocean Shore Railroad Yahoo Group I belong to posted a message this morning mentioning that Wikipedia had an article on the railroad. The person was surprised that there were railroad tunnels still existing in the southern portion. So was I, as I couldn’t remember reading about them before. I did some online research and didn’t find much except when I websearched

Davenport Tunnels” and a photo sharing page by Jef, at came up. There were a number of photos of the Liddell Creek tunnel and the San Vicente Creek Tunnel he had taken. There was also a link there by clicking on “hundred year old tunnels” that takes you to another website that explains things very well and has some great pictures of the ramparts built for the railroad. As it turned out, when I found time to read the whole Wikipedia article there is an “External Link” to this same website. It is in the External Links list and is entitled “Secret History: Information about the railroad ramparts and the creek tunnels.”

I’ve added it to my list of places to visit and photograph. It’s just a quick trip from the Acid Beach area, so maybe I’ll be wading through the tunnels soon.

By the way the main website, “Secret History” by Sandy Lydon, the History Dude, has a collection of other subjects about the Santa Cruz area that are equally fascinating. Enjoy. John

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