1957: “Beaches, Butano Action Lagging”

From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1957

“The county board of supervisors in a resolution will seek more State action in developing and maintaining South Coastside beaches.

“Supervisor Tom Callan pointed out that because the state beaches have been taken off the tax rolls, they are just ‘sitting there’. Alvin S. Hatch objected because the county has been forced to patrol and maintain beaches turned over to the state.

“The protest centers on, mainly, two rest rooms at the San Gregorio and Bean Hollow beaches, which were turned over by the county to the state. Although the beaches are crowded on weekends, the county manager said the rest rooms are locked because the state has not installed water tanks and lines, which would cost $4100. Stallings said the state appears to be concentrating on acquiring new areas and is lagging on the maintenance and protection programs.

“Stallings also said negotiations for the purchase of Butano forest for a state park is also lagging. More than a year has passed since money was appropriated for the purchase, he said, but so far the state has acquired only 400 acres by purchased and a small additional area by patent from the federal government.

“However Stallings plans to confer this week with state officials on the problem.”

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