Double Happiness: New leads for Robin Caldwell & Mike Merritt

John Vonderlin ([email protected]) writes:

I just got off the phone from talking with Meg, and I think I might have some help for Robin Caldwell and Mike Merritt. I see from Mike’s posting he already has the “Echoes from Gazos Creek Country ” book. Meg also has a book entitled “Memories of Gazos Creek and Pigeon Point 1916-1918,” by Edward Conant, that Mike might find of some use. It was published in 1998, so he might have that one, too. She was given his phone number by the Pescadero Historical Society president and we’re planning on calling him and dropping by the Park soon. Maybe he’ll be able to show us “The Secret Cave of Butano.”

The “Echoes from Gazos Creek Country,” book has three references to Omar Steele. One is a receipt for nine pounds of nails from the Ano Nuevo store. Meg thinks that if Robin contacts the Davenport Historical Society they should have information on Myrtle Garavanta.

I websearched and see the historical society and Mary Briggs published a book called “The Ferguson-Jayne Papers 1826-1938” It’s available for sale used online. Meg also mentioned that they have oral histories, including one for Ruth Steele, apparently the last of the folks named Steele hereabouts. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have Myrtle’s letters and photos, too. Postmasters have paper preservation in their blood. I can’t find a contact number, but I bet the Santa Cruz Historical Society has one. Enjoy. John

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