1923: Man Dies When Big Trawler Strikes Reef”

From the Redwood City Tribune, October 15, 1923

“When the Iolande, a fishing trawler owned by the A. Baladini Company, ground her keel on the rocks of Pescadero Beach early yesterday morning nine stalwart eamen and fishers plunged overboard and swam for shore. Richard Bird, the engineer, delayed to take a last look at his machinery. Several hours after the others had dragged themselves to safety the body of Bird was washed ashore.

“The Iolande, with smooth seas and calm weather, made a long cruise on Saturday; she was returning with a big catch after draggi ng her net in waters tht are little fished, when she ran into the fog that rolled up rapidly as the wind changed Captain Peter Anderson was in command, and had nine men, including the engineer. He aimed to put in at Half Moon Bay and wait for the weather to clear. As the trawler was feeling her way timidly through the thick blanket of fog there was a sudden jar which threw the crew flat on the decks. Then she careened under a roll of the sea, and realizing they had but little chance on so mall a boat the men threw off their heavy clothing and plunged into the surf…

“The Iolande was a large trawler, 75 feet long and of 53 tons displacement. She was built in San Francisco in 1905. Late yesterday it was said she was breaking up on the rocks.”

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