Levy Brothers Built a Small Empire of General Stores (7)

Several years later, the last Levy brother, Armand, arrived in Half Moon Bay. This time both Emma (wife of Adrien) and Josephine (wife of Joe) conspired to persuade their third sister, Natalie, to visit them on the Coastside for six months.

If their plan was successful, all three sisters would be married to three Levy brothers. It would be so much fun, being together forever.

Once again the fatal Levy charm worked its magic, and Natalie wed Armand. Besides the close family ties, the three French brides each bore three children.

Now the brothers rapidly branched out into new fields. When they acquired Andrew Taft’s stagecoach line, the Levy’s bought a perfect opportunity to spread their good name. Besides delivering the mail, the stage provided regular passenger service from San Mateo to Pescadero, via Half Moon Bay, where the stage stopped at the Occidenal Hotel.

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