1905: Have you seen the “Brute?”

“Crimes of Pescadero, Part IV)

Story from John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
  I’m not sure if it’s relevant anymore, but just in case they never caught this beast, I thought I’d issue a warning to Pescaderoites. The alert I’m passing along comes from an article in the November 12th, 1905, issue of the Los Angeles Herald. It warns:
Officers Searching For Ranch Hand Who Attacked Young Woman by Asociated Press
Santa Cruz November 11 — The search for David Post jr., a ranch hand who is accused of commiting an attack on a young woman of Swanton, fifteen miles up the coast, on Thursday, is still on, the sheriff’s posse having been hunting him with dogs, day and night. Immediately after the attack he made for the woods, and a shot was heard by the young woman, but this is believed to have been a ruse. The father of the girl has offered a reward of $100 for his capture. It is thought he will be starved out eventually. All trains and county roads are being watched so he will not escape. He is now believed to be heading over the mountains to Pescadero. 

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