1906: Did Pescadero skip earthquake damage?

May 10, 1906 a date but no namte of the newspaper, probably the Redwood Standard.]

Pescadero and vicinity was fortunate in having no very serious damage done by the earthquake. Williamson’s store and stock were damaged about $300; McCormick & Winkle’s store suffered about the same amount; the Catholic Church is off its foundation and pretty badily wrecked; the school will need extensive repairs, possibly $2,000 or more, before it is safe again. The pupils are now being accommodated in the M E Church and OddFellows Hall. The Methodist Church had most of its plaster shaken off. …


I found this copyrighted book in Archive.org (ScreenShot) that is the transcript of interviews with a gentleman about his experiences in the Bay Area waters from 1901-1971. Very little is about the Coastside, except the the extensive parts about the Farallones, where he lived at times. I’ve attached a ScreenShot of a short excerpt from his story about being a kid out there when the 06 Quake and fire hit. Check out the headings in the part of the Table of Contents I included. Enjoy. John


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