John Vonderlin: The Mystery of the Ocean Shore RR

Story by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
I’m attacking the mystery of the OSR’s planned route through several avenues. One of those paths of research is the roads of the Coastside. So far the trail has led me to this book, “California Highways: A Descriptive Record of Road Development by the State and by Such Counties That Have Paved Roads.” nine

It was printed in 1920 and can be found at My hope is to find a later version of this type of book that talks about the development of the Cabrillo Highway along the Coastside and perhaps, the former tunnel at Pescadero. Notice the old Stage Line route was the County Highway in 1920 in the Pescadero/San Gregorio area, though there was a coastal road. I’ll attach the full article, which while boring, has some interesting photos. It starts on Page 228 in the book. The Pescadero Road one is particularly interesting as I can’t place it. It looks like Alligator Rock in the background, which is a long way from Pescadero, but the amount of sand and some of the other features don’t match up with other old photos I’ve seen of that area.Enjoy. John



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