1896 Pescadero: STORY OF THE BIG WHALE——


From John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
Here’s a story about the largest whale ever killed off our coast, supposedly. I was glad to see it was not without cost for the killers, though I bear them no grudge. Enjoy. John


Largest   Specimen   Ever   Killed   on   the
Coast   Taken   Near   Pesca –
Word   was   received   in   this   City   yester –
day   that   one   of   the   whaling   crews   which
have   been   searching   in   the   vicinity   of
Pigeon   Point   since   the   2nd   of   August   had
caught   a   whale.   Two   whaling   crews   were
taken   to   the   vicinity   by   the   excursion
steamer   Queen.   The   excursionists   re –
mained   in   the   vicinity   only   one   day,   but
the   whalers   stayed   in   their   small   boats,
coming   ashore   each   night.   According   to
the   dispatch   the   whale   was   captured   by
John   Gavin’s   crew,   and   in   tbe   struggle   a
boat   was   smashed   and   one   man   was   dan –
gerously   wounded.   The   whale   is   reported
to   be   eighty   feet   long   and   fourteen   feet
wide,   the   largest   ever   caught   off   the   coast.
A   tug   was   sent   to   ‘he   scene   of   the   cap –
ture   last   night   and   the   whale   will   proba –
bly   reach   here   this   afternoon.   The   excur –
sion   managers   say   that   if   they   can   pro –
cure   the   shears   of   tbe   Union   Iron   Works
to   lift   the   carcass   on   a   barge   it   will   be   on
exhibition   Sunday.


Hi June,
Here’s an interesting, if politically incorrect, story about an unusual fundraising effort. Enjoy. John P.S. Cbsr.tabbec.com is having hardware problems, but the Library of Congress has a lot of California newspapers too. This is from there.


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