1908: And the winner is….the guy who walked to Santa Cruz….

Story from John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
  This might be my new favorite travelogue to the Coastside. It reminds me of some ill-fated trips into the wilderness I had when I was a young man.  This is only one of the numerous interesting vacation stories on the “Junior Call” page (#2) of the October 17, 1908 issue of the San Francisco Call. Six watches were awarded for the best stories. This one is about a young man and his brother’s walking trip from San Mateo to Santa Cruz.
502   Clayton   Street,   San   Francisco.
Crocker   School,   B   Eighth   Grade.
-.Age   14   Years-      
It   was   early   Saturday   morning,   June
28,   that   my   brother   and   I   started   on
the   long   walk   to   Santa   Cruz.   We   took
the   car   to   San-Mateo,   from   where we
started   on   our real walking   trip.  We
reached;   Redwood:   by   noon.   Here  we
had   our lunch   and   after   resting   we
started   toward   the   mountains.   We
walked   about   two   hours,   when   he   sud – 
denly   came   to   the   conclusion   that  we
were   lost,   for   there   were   hills   on   all
sides   of   us.   But,   as   I   had   noticed   a
cowpath   running      north  and   south,  I
suggested following   it,   which  sugges – 
tion   was   readily   accepted   by   my
brother.    After   following   this   path   for
about   half   an   hour   we   came   to   a   tiny
creek,   which   we   both   thought   a   favor – 
able   camping   ground.   Here   we   made
our coffee   and   ate   our   supper.   I rolled
Into   my   blanket,   but   my   brother   wrote
in   his   diary.   I   soon   went  to   sleep   –   and
awoke  at   dawn.  I awoke  my   brother and   then  
made coffee   while   my   brother   explored  the
surrounding   country.  He   came back
and   told   that   there  was  a  road   to   the
south   of   us.   After   breakfast   we   struck
out   along   the    road     and   it   was   hard
walking,   for   it   was   all   up  hill.   We
ate   our.   lunch; at  a  place called   Upenuf.
After   resting   a   while   we   started   again,
but   it   was   easier   now,  as   it   was   down
hill.   And   now we came   into the  red – 
wood   district, where   our  enormous    big
trees   rear    their   black,    green   heads   to
blue   California   skies.    After  walking 
until   dusk,   we   came   to   .the   little   town
of   La   Honda,   where   we   decided   to
camp   for   the   night.  
  We  found   a   good   camping   ground   un – 
der   two   tall   redwoods.   My   brother  and
I   went   to;   bed   early  for   we  wanted  to
reach   Pescadero  the   next  night.
   At  1   o’clock   the   next   day;   we   were   at
San   Gregorio.   Here   we   ate   our   lunch, but
soon   were   on   our   way,   for   Pescadero
was   a   good   ways   off.   After   a   dry   and
hot  walk   we   reached  Pescadero   at
nightfall.   By   good  luck,   we   found,   a
favorable   camping ground   on   a  bank   of
a   creek.   We   ate a  dry   supper;   for   I,
for   one,   was     very  tired.    Next    morrn – 
ing   I   found,   to   my  dismay,   that   my
brother’s   face   was   so  swollen  from
poison   oak   that   he was   blind.   So  I led
him   to   the   doctor,   who   asked   us   how
he   got   it,   but   we   didn’t   know,   but  he
must   have   slept   in  it,  for   it   was  all
over   his   body.   ~   He.   gave   us   a   prescription
that   he   said   would   cure him  by   that
night.   But   by   night  he  was  as   bad   as  ever,  
so   I   packed    up  and   we  went   to
the   hotel,   where.   we   got   a   room.  Next
morning   we   took  the   stage   to   Redwood
City, where   we   took  the   train   to   San
Francisco.   –   So   ends   the   eventful   tale   of
the   hike   to   Santa   Cruz;  
   This   contest   is   open   to   San   Fran – 
cisco   and   California   juniors   between
the   ages   of   10   and   16   years,   and   for
the   six   best   stories   published   each
week   The   Junior   Call   awards   as   prizes
six   handsome   school   watches.
For   the   younger   Juniors,   under   10
years   of   age,   another   contest   is   open,
particulars   of   which   are   given   on   the
fourth   page   today.
The   watches   awarded   in   this   week’s
contest   will   be   mailed   in   a   few   days.
If   you   are   a   winner   and   have   not   re – 
ceived   yours   by   next   Saturday,   let   The
Junior   Call   know   at   once.
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