John Vonderlin: Take me to the”Holy Well?”


Story from John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
   This little description of one of the Pescadero region’s
least known oddities of the mystical variety, “The Holy Well,”
 is excerpted from  a very futuristic article that appeared in
the April 12th, 1896 issue of “The San Francisco Call,” The
article was entitled “From The Bowels of The Earth,” and was
about well-boring, for geothermal power, for oil, for the “Center of
the Earth,” (280 years at standard rate). Mr. Hoagland, a
Red Adair kind of figure in the of well-boring industry, is quoted
extensively about his career. Amongst his stories was this one:
“In   San   Mateo   County,”   said   Mr.   Hoag – 
land,   “I   drilled   a   well   over   1000   feet   in
depth,   and   struck   salt   water.   Now   this
was   700   feet   above   sea-level   and   about
eight   or   ten   miles   from   the   coast,   on   Tar
Creek,   a   tributary   to   the   Pescadero.   We
were   aiming   for   oil   at   the   time.   The   most
curious   part   of   the   outcome   was   that   the
salt   water   flowed   every   seventh   day.
Somebody   styled   it   the   Holy   Well,   as
there   was   no   accounting   for   the   phe – 
   Visiting Tar Creek has been on my list for a while,
but as friends say you usually can’t see the seepages
it derives its name from, it hasn’t risen close enough
to the top for me to make the hike. I’m thinking a picture of
the capped  “Holy Well,” just might make it worth it.
Enjoy. John
Caption for the image below reads: Leakage from the Seas Is Converted into Steam at the Root of the Volcano
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