John Vonderlin Updates us on Neptune’s Vomitoriums

“Also known as the Marine Debris Update:”

Story by John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
   Though  Neptune’s Vomitorium at Invisible Beach is starting to clear of sand slowly, (Only the top of the head of the “fish rock” that guards its mouth had been above the sand until now) its production of non-buoyant debris is still minimal. There have been a few interesting things I’ve envountered over the sparse months though that I’d like to share.
   The vomitorium that’s located at the point your car might land if you get airborne while drunk and speeding west on Pescadero Rd. on a foggy night  and don’t see the STOP sign on Highway 1, was active last month. It gifted me with a record number of eight Aerobie Rings in one visit and a few goggles, swim fins, tire parts, and fishing line balls, but has been quiet lately.
   Speaking of fishing line balls here is a picture of the seven trash cans of them I eventually have to tie onto the “World’s Largest Fishing Line Ball.” Can’t imagine why I don’t get to it.
   The thing  I’m holding  in the attached picture that looks like a hairy valentine heart raxakumin-052
is probably from the gills of something, but maybe it is a part of some filter feeder’s straining system. I don’t know,  as I’ve never seen one before and I’m not sure who might know what it is. I’ll work on it eventually. Parts seem to be a lot harder to identify then species. Kind of like Fast Food. Enjoy. John

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