John Vonderlin: 1853 Wreck of the Carrier Pigeon (2)

Story from John Vonderlin

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 This is a more extensive article about the wreck of the Carrier Pigeon. It was from two days after the initial report, and was published in the June 10th, 1853 issue of the “Daily Alta.” Note that once again, as in the first report, the location is specified by referring to a distance from some other landmark, and doesn’t use the term Pigeon Point.

Wreck of the Carrier Pigeon 

The surveying steamer Active, under Lieut. Alden, sailed on the 8th inst. from port, and after stopping at the Farallones, proceeded to the wreck of the Carrier Pigeon, which lies about 7 miles north of Point Ano Nuevo, but on shore. Her bow lay about 500 feet from the beach, and the rear amidship on a ledge of rocks, which have broken the ship’s back. The tide ebb and flow in her, and is up to her between decks. A portion if not all of her cargo between decks may be saved if the weather holds good, which is doubtful, as there was a heavy surf when the Active left. Her mizzenmast was cut away on the 8th at 3 P. M, and they intended to cut away the other masts to save the ship. We learn that if the parties interested had allowed the Active to go to work, without bartering and bantering on salvage, a considerable amount of property might have been saved for tbe uuderwriters. Too much praise cannot be awarded to the officers of tbe Active for their exertions to save the goods from the ship, until parties in charge began to talk about salvage, wages, and so forth. Lieut. Cuyler deserves great credit for boarding the ship, taking the captain ashore, and securing a line on shore so as to allow their boats to go back and forward. The insurance agents in California should have liberal views as regards wrecks on our coasts, more so than in the Atlantic States. Soon after the arrival of the Acttve, the Sea Bird arrived with Mr. Bacon on board, who took charge of the wreck.



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