With Neptune’s Vomitorium clogged with sand, John’s organizing last year’s goodies

“Dry Heaves”
Story by John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
This was yesterday’s big project. With sand still clogging Neptune’s Vomitorium, I’ve given up on any big event happening there this year. So, I took all of this year’s Neptune’s Vomitorium’s cleanings, such as they are, piled them up on a tarp outside, and sorted them into about twenty-five categories. It may look like a lot, and it did take all day, but it’s about a third of last year’s and lacks some of the types of non-buoyant debris I value the most. What I have will be added to my “Walloboxes” collection, lining my studio. Otherwise, I’ll just have to continue to be patient and hope for the best. I heard a short radio blurb that the early signs of an El Nino are manifesting themselves in the Eastern Pacific, its birthplace. I won’t wish for strong winter storms, but the drought gives me cover to say, I’ll be happy if they do occur. Enjoy. John


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