A “Surfing” Memory & “Acid Beach”

Those beaches on the South Coast are remarkable works of natural art, aren’t they?

I was thinking about surfing–and I remembered that I used to have a wetsuit and a board (not a long board or a short one, kind of in-between)–I never actually got up on the board but I loved riding the whitewater–and because I couldn’t see a thing without my glasses, I was fearless paddling out…and out…one time¬† we went out at Ano Nuevo. Two of us.¬† There wasn’t another soul out there. I can’t believe that now!

John Vonderlin is going to do a piece on “Acid Beach.” Yep. Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters. When I think of Kesey, I think of him writing and playing in the warmth of the giant redwoods–how could I not think of him & his friends fooling around at the beach and not just any ordinary beach–but one of great beauty.

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