Our Beaches: The Good….Bad….&….The Ugly….Story by John Vonderlin


Hi June,

Here is one of my favorite Beach art works. Its remains are still visible at the stairway leading down from the Pescadero Beach parking lot, across the road from where Pescadero Road ends at Highway 1.

I’ve attached a picture I took of the natural feature before it was converted to the artwork and several pictures of the artwork when it was freshly made. Kudos to the artist and his vision.


The next picture is of the remnants of an illegal fire that was built a few weeks later just a few feet away from the artwork.


The last photo is of just part of the nails and broken glass I finally gathered from this site more then two months later with the aid of my magnet and garden fork.

After first seeing it, I had intended to clean it up the next time I came by, but that’s not often and I kept forgetting to bring the necessary tools. Later I became curious how long an eyesore and safety hazard like this would be left right next to the path leading to one of the most popular vistas along Highway 1. I’m sorry to know the answer Enjoy. John Vonderlin


All photos courtesy John Vonderlin
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