Eureka! at Nepune’s Vomitorium: John Vonderlin Finds More Yucky Golf Balls, Soggy Socks

John Vonderlin Finds The Usual Suspects at Neptune’s Vomitorium

Story & Photos by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,

With Neptune’s Vomitorium becoming active once again, after a six month quiescence, I’ve been making twice weekly trips to Invisible Beach to gather its bounty.

I was rewarded this past week, when, instead of continuing its decline in quantity and quality from its first appearance a few weeks ago, a Superwrack was coughed up. Included in the nearly hundred pounds of wet, stinky mass of marine debris I gathered were more then three hundred fishing line balls and a wide array of socks, tie wraps, goggles, golf balls, fishing gear and many more of the other “usual suspects.”

My previous record for collecting fishing line balls at one time was barely half that. Whether I can find the time to tie all of them, along with the several thousand others I’ve got stored, to the World’s Largest Fishing Line Ball, remains to be seen.

In a follow-up visit yesterday, I found what I call a “smoking gun,” or in this case a flapping flag. I’m referring to my golf ball remnant collection’s source. In my previous stories about Invisible Beach and its unnatural oddity, Neptune’s Vomitorium, I detailed my tracing the origin of the golf balls and remnants I was finding there, back to the Ritz Carlton, particularly the 18th hole of “The Old Course.” I think these pictures offer strong evidence that I was right.

The next time I’m up that way, I’ll drop in and find out where the flag was before it began “The Silent Procession from the Sunken Cathedral to Neptune’s Vomitorium.” Enjoy. John

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