I’m not sure I like “Sea Foam” Anymore

Story & photos by John Vonderlin
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John’s photos below, of sea foam, wilt in comparison to the story quoted at the bottom of this post. You will not believe how huge sea foam can get, nearly swallowing up everything. Don’t miss the link at the end of this piece.

Hi June,

I almost felt guilty during last week’s trip to the coastside. While the fierce northerly winds were creating an all-consuming firestorm in the mountains south of my home, I was enjoying the soon-to-be only version of Dodge Ball allowed in our “World Gone Mild.” Only, instead of dodging the hypersonic cannonballs fired by the overgrown, sadistic lummox that every sixth grade class has, I was romping, frolicking, and cavorting as I avoided Neptune’s version of Rover, the giant balloon that corralled escapees in, “The Prisoner.

I’m talking about Sea Foam.

For some reason I find it highly entertaining to get downwind of a large concentration of sea foam and play tag with whatever escapes and “transitorily” bounces and rolls across the sand.

For those not familiar with the phenomena, sea foam is the ephemeral product of the interaction of fierce wind and the decayed organic matter suspended in the ocean. Rotted seaweed, fish feces, and plankton are but a few of the unpleasant ingredients of this stinky, lighter then cotton candy oceanic confection. But as always, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Occasionally, Mother Nature, whips up an extra specially huge batch of this oddity and the media takes note. Here’s a sample of what, under the right conditions, impurities (salts, dead plants & fish) in the ocean, can whip up– from Australia, read this incredible story called “The Cappuccino Coast” by Richard Shears. The amazing photos of the sea filled with a gigantic wad of sea foam will shock you! For the story, click here

Enjoy John

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