John Vonderlin is, well, he’s tired

Story by John Vonderlin
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Hi June,

My tire gathering expedition to Tunitas Beach was a limited success.

I got a slow start carrying them up the hill because I had to round up all the ones that had been rolled from my stockpile down onto the beach for use as chairs or left there to be redistributed by the tide.

And then all the recent traffic up and down the hill has loosened so much dirt that the path was practically lubricated by it. Carrying two tires at once made it a “two steps forward, one step back circumstance” in a number of the steeper spots. Worst of all, Mother Nature was uncooperative and delivered one of the hottest days at the beach I can remember. Not the ideal day to be toting tires up a steep, sun-drenched hill.

Still, I was able to add six more tires to my previous total of sixty six, making seventy two my new plateau. I’m hoping the next 29 come a little easier though. Enjoy. John

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