1924: Pescadero During Prohibition

Both stories, below, are from the Redwood City Tribune.

” Pescadero, January 10, 1924: Finding of a small trawler, pounding itself to pieces on the rocks near “Anna Nuevo” Island, off the Pescadero coast, today led to expressions of grave fear for the safety of the crew of the boat. The trawler apparently struck the rocks some time during the past week, and by today had been battered into splinters.

“So far no identification or ownership has been made by those investigating. No trace whatever of the crew of the trawler has been obtained. Conflicting rumors concerning the finding of the boat have spread here, principally involving a supposed fatal trip of rumrunners along the coast, with the probable washing aboard of the crew and cargo, if such things did take place, by the treacherous seas along the coast here. There have been humerous incidents of late, it is stated, revealing that rum runners unfamiliar with the handling of boats have been meeting with diaster in the heavy seas.”

“Pescadero, January 11, 1924. Pescadero’s mystery ship, which has been pounding itself to pieces on the rocks off ‘Anna Nueva’ Island, was today identified as the SS Fremont, rum running vessel which struck the rocks January 4; it was stated this morning. The wreck of the Fremont occurred, it is said, when the pilot of the craft mistook the light on ‘Anna Nueva’ Island for the light on Mile Rock, which is the signal to turn east for entry into the Golden Gate. One life was lost.”

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