Looking for the Baptist Family

Dear June, I fell upon your website today.  Under “soccer” I found a photo which I believe may include my late father, Ed Blomquist.soccer’
This was the Pescadero soccer team in the 1920’s and one of the donors was M. Baptist.  This is a relative of my grandmother who was on the Portuguese side of my dad’s family.  I have no history on my grandmother other than my dad’s birth certificate from 1907 .
I am wondering if you have any information on the Baptist family of Pescadero.
Thank you so much.
Janice Blomquist Bronson
Email Janice:
Hi June, thank you so much for your response.  M. Baptist was, I believe, Manuel Baptist, who was my grandmother’s brother.  I know a lot about the Blomquists, thank goodness, but nothing about my Portuguese side.
Yes, my Dad Edward was Henry’s cousin.  There were actually sets of ‘double cousins’.  My grandmother, Christanza Baptist Blomquist, had a sister named Mariana.  Each one of those sisters married a Blomquist.  Can you believe it?
My father Edward was born in Loma Mar in 1907, the first of four children.  My grandmother died after childbirth on the last one in 1912.   I would very much like to know about her.  I will contact Ron Duarte.   I think he would know of my dad and my mom also who’s family had strong ties in Half Moon Bay.  On my mom’s side her sister, Pet, was married to Ern Digges.  My mom’s brother was Bud Sowle of Montara.
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