1970s: Shawn Mann “did the loop”


As I prepare for my pilgrimage back to Menlo Park I happened to come across your website.

I will be attending my 30th re-union for Menlo Atherton H.S.

From 1977 to 1979 I delivered the Times Tribune ( Redwood City Tribune Newspapers ) driving the 84 and 92 in a loop.
I dropped bundles of papers to kids and filled single copy sales kiosk, dropped a few copies to stores and restaurants.
Prior to this, every Sunday from 1964 to 1974 we travelled to the beach as children with my dad, who always stopped in La Honda for a few refreshments.
I have hundreds of pictures of the various beaches, and a million memories. a million memories.
Our neighbor Larry Rogers was the football coach at HMB HS. He so wanted me to drive everyday with him and play ball in the pumpkin patch.
Like I said your website is fantastic….
I will be leaving Vancouver Island in October and will surely drive through HMB and run the 84 one more time.
I knew every turn and loop.
My dad owned Henry’s Delicatessen in Redwood city and the 3rd Street Liquors in San Mateo off B Street.
When Ampex closed we closed the deli.
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