John Vonderlin: Was it really a sunfish?

Story/Photo by John Vonderlin

Email John ([email protected])

John wanted to make certain that the “thing” he found at the beach was, indeed, an ocean sunfish. Like everything else, they are more beautiful in life.

To confirm what he found, John emailed Tierney Thys, who maintains

John to Tierney:

I believe the attached photo is of a dead ocean sunfish that washed ashore just south of Pescadero Beach on Sept. 18th. Please confirm if it is, as I’ve blogged about it on a website that other beachcombers read. I included a link to your website , so hopefully they’ll contact you
about any other possible sightings. Washing the sand off the carcass for the photo, I noticed it was
unusually heavy. Are they usually non-buoyant after death? Enjoy. John Vonderlin

Tierney to John:

Yes indeed you have an ocean sunfish. They are the world’s heaviest
bony fish and slightly negatively buoyant when in the water.
Thanks heaps for passing along my website information. Much appreciated.
Best wishes,
Tierney Thys

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