Save the Redwoods Timeline

Save the Redwoods Timeline

Story by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
It turns out there is still an Olmsted and Bros. Map Co. in Berkeley, specializing in trail maps apparently. I believe it all springs from the following excerpts. Note that it is Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. as Sr. died in 1903. John Charles Olmsted, Jr.’s stepbrother was surely involved too. They must have visited, surveyed, etc. all our local state parks or places the Redwood League hoped would become State Parks, Butano included. ¬†Enjoy. John


California Governor C.C. Young signed legislation creating the California State Parks Commission and funding a state park survey by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.


California voters approved funds to establish a state park system and allocated $6 million in state park bond funds for acquisition of park lands. Save the Redwoods League led the campaign to win public approval of these bonds.
Olmsted’s report of his state park survey was published. It served for many years as the blueprint for state park acquisitions and development

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