The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 54

By June Morrall

If you have been following my storyline, you know that the Pescaderans and Loren Coburn agreed on nothing. They especially disagreed over the road to Pebble Beach, believing it was a public not a private road.

Many folks described the way to Pebble Beach as a “crooked cow trail,” a dirt road as wide as a horse-drawn stagecoach or two. They said the road had been used for a very long time.

Coburn didn’t want to fight over the cow trail so he started digging himself a new road, a new private Pebble Beach road, possibly a toll road.  Building the road was a family affair, and I can imagine things could get pretty silly with Loren’s frequently tipsy brother-in-law Marraton “Whiskers” Upton supervising the daily work.

Some folks called Loren Coburn’s new road an act of benevolence. He was paying the bills, and one newspaper wrote: “…and it doesn’t look as if he wanted to close Pebble Beach to the public….”

Truth be told, when finished, the new road was described as “a beautiful drive and more pleasant than the old cow trail…”

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