The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 55

By June Morrall

But soon after the new road was built, Loren Coburn locked the gate to Pebble Beach.


It was quickly reopened.

“…Loren Coburn claims the beach itself and tells people who take pebbles from it they are committing grand larceny. As the beach is covered every day with ocean tides, his claims are preposterious. The popular road to Pebble Beach has been used for over 35 years, but Loren Coburn objects to it. He has provided another road, but has not dedicated it to the public, and the people will not use it since they think it is a subterfuge to get them to abandon the old road, whereupon they would lose both. The state should buy or condemn a roadway to this beach and keep it open to the public. Then, when the public has unrestricted access someone under proper restriction should be allowed to build a casino on the shore, and in one summer Pebble Beach would rise in popularity as a resort second to none on the coast. People in Pescadero would be glad to do things to make the resort attractive if they were assured by the legislature that the public would be protected in its rights.”

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