Burt Blumert Comments on John Vonderlin’s “Holes in Pescadero” (3)

Comment by Burt Blumert

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Hi June,

How fascinating a fellow John Vonderlin is. I have followed his trekking up and down the South Coast, snooping into caves and scaling dangerous cliffs, but I was stunned by his latest post.

He tricked me. I was 3/4 through his piece when I realized this is fiction. At that point I scurried to Google. I wanted to know more about these “Morlocks.” It’s clear that the futurist HG Wells had some impact on Mr. Vonderlin at an earlier time.

He explains that, in reality, the “cage” is part of a “well,”

an emergency overflow pipe that goes under Highway 1 into Long Gulch.

Not only has John Vonderlin inspired this reader to follow his footsteps along the mysterious South Coast, and its caves, but now he has me involved with H.G. Wells and his science fiction.

I’ve also learned more about you, John.

Burt Blumert

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