Honor Local Adventurer Monty Parker

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Story by John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
I was able to visit the Monty Parker Memorial at the reputed Merry Prankster rappel site yesterday and photograph the note Larry Fitterer had mentioned finding there in a recent posting. I’ll attach a picture of it. The note says:
“Monty Parker was 30 year resident of Santa Cruz Mts. A local adventurer who loved everything about the sea. Monty died here hunting for abalone. After traveling the entire earth, this was one of his favorite spots. Honor the beach and his memory.
Monty was an SLV softball coach for many years. SLV junior high softball field is named Parker Field in his memory.”
A bit of research and I discovered SLV is San Lorenzo Valley High School. It is located in Felton in the Santa Cruz mountains. When the kids return to school from the Christmas break I’ll give the school a call and see if I can find out more about him and the mystery of AMB’S Beach. I left my own message assuring the note writer that I honored him and the beach. It would be hard not to, given the effort someone who knew him made to make the memorial and transport it to such a difficult to reach spot. The beach, the cliffs, the ocean, and the view from this special spot make me feel honored that I have been able to share them with Monty these many years later. Enjoy. John
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