The city of “Torquay will not have streets running recklessly contrary to nature..”

torquay2[Image: “Ano Nuevo is land and government signal station. The island is a little south of Torquay and about one half mile from mainland.”] Circa 1900. The image above is from the pamphlet extolling the beauties of Torquay. A promotional pamphlet.

A Place Called Torquay

“Architect’s Statement

“Choice lots in Torquay are on sale by the Cascade Improvement Company. They are in the most desirable portion of the tract and are already selling with great rapidity.

“Cascade Park, a beautiful reservation with natural waterfalls, is located in the heart of the town and will be held permanently for public use. This will form an attraction of which no other city on this continent can boast.

“That one may gain a fair knowledge of the attractive way in which Torquay was laid out, particular attention is called to the plan of this beautiful City by the Sea.

“Especial care was taken in laying out the map, a preliminary survey of the ground first having been made. It was found that Cascade Creek, a running stream of water formed a series of natural lagoons at the base of the town-site. After considerable study it was decided to take advantage of this fact. Therefore Torquay must remain unique among all cities as possessing a series of [missing words] These lagoons are enclosed on each side by gently rising boulevards to the level of the cliff overlooking the ocean. The roads and streets are all made to conform as nearly as possible to the contours of the ground as found by the survey. It is seldom that any town-site has ever been laid out where such close consideration has been paid to the natural conditions of the site.

“Torquay will not have streets running recklessly contrary to nature and regardless of the steepness of the hills. The plan for this city was made by D.H. Burnham & Co.”

torquay3[Image: I don’t know if you can SEEĀ  the IMAGE of the men and a huge Redwood tree. It is from a souvenir pamphlet. The caption reads: “‘The Chieftain’ which stands 215 feet high with a large burnt shell for a top. Still 8 feet across. This tree is 15 feet in diameter at its base. 100 feet above the ground it is 8 feet.” And, “the Chieftain” lived in the area where the town of Torquay was planned, near Ano Nuevo. I am wondering, does this remarkable tree still stand?

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