1874: The Seal Rookeries….

From John Vonderlin

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i June,
   This is from the June 27th, 1897 issue of “The Call.”  While I’ve never previously heard of the pup-killing behavior  being displayed by some of the bulls, as described by the author of this article, it reminds me of a documentary about elephants I once saw. Because of ivory poachers all the large bull elephants had been killed in the area the documentary was about. Young male elephants were engaging in gang “wilding” assaults, attacking and injuring or killing other elephants and endangered rhinos. The problem was solved by importing adult bull elephants, who quickly settled things down. I wonder if the hidehunters he mentions concentrated on the largest bulls too? I wonder what Bernie LeBoeuf, the Ano Nuevo Marine Mammal expert, would say about this article? Amphibians? Enjoy. John
Note: I’ll post the story later today.
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