Pescaderans: We need to send a new BIG CHEESE to the Red Cross

The True Fate of the Biggest Cheese in the World  (good try, though!)

Story from John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
   Here’s the follow-up article on “The Great Sanitary Cheese’s” fate. This is from the Nov. 13th, 1864 issue of “The Daily Alta.” I’ve included a Wikipedia excerpt about the Sanitary Commission. Note our “old friend,” F.L. Olmstead, figures prominently. Enjoy. John
The great Sanitary cheese, made by Strong (Sic) & Brother, Pescadero, which was to have been sent East and cut up, to be distributed among the soldiers of the Army of the Potomac, was net sent, on account of its liability to be injured in passing through the Tropics.  It is now on exhibition at the stall of Messrs. Balch & French, Nos. 7 and 8 Washington Market, where it will be cut up during the coming week, and retailed at 50 cents per pound, for the benefit of the Sanitary Fund. What man, woman or child, in San Francisco, will be willing to forego the pleasure of contributing another fifty cents to the noble Sanitary Commission, and eating a bit of the largest cheese ever made in the world?
To learn more about the United States Sanitary Commission, forerunner of today’s Red Cross, please click here
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