John Vonderlin: Pigeon Point Tafoni


From John Vonderlin
Email John ([email protected])
Hi Jon,
    I thought you might want these pictures for your collection.  This first set of attached photos is of a spot just north of Pigeon Point Lighthouse, from about the spot the photo I’ve attached was shot from.  I can’t remember previously seeing any tafoni that had sea creatures using it as a refuge, as portrayed in the photos.  The vastly increased erosional rate once a piece of tafoni collapses into the surf zone probably makes this a short-lived phenomena, I would guess.  Next email is about a wonderful pareidolic, geologic feature, set amongst a great collection of tafoni in the Pebble Beach to Bean Hollow area that you may be familiar with. Enjoy. John
P.S. The rocks in the arrangement I call “She Spawns,” (only partly shown in the photo I sent you previously) are not tafoni, but concretions with mollusk holes. I don’t have any specimens of tafoni in my collection at this point.
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