Civil War Years: The Big Cheese Came From Ano Nuevo

From John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
  I know you have a story about this cheese already, but I thought you’d want to see an article about its exhibition before it was eaten. This appeared in “The Alta California” of August 30, 1864.
 The Great Sanitary Cheese— The great Sanitary cheese, weighing 3,800 lbs. nett, manufactured by Steele & Bro., of Pescadero, is being enclosed in the centre of the floral temple, in the centre of the basin of the great fountain, under the dome of the Industrial Fair Pavilion; and during the Fair will be exhibited to visitors at a trifling extra charge, for the benefit of the National Sanitary Fund. A bridge, with a neat railing, crosses the basin on each side, to the structure in which the cheese is placed for exhibition, and the admission fees will be collected at either side, by soldiers who have been maimed in fighting the battles of the Union.
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