John Vonderlin: The Ocean Shore Railroad Delivered Trout For Local Coastside Streams!

Story from John Vonderlin

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Fred Sarcander and Charles F. Brandenstein were on the San Gregorio creek in San Mateo county. Up to the end of last week Brandenstein had planted 260,000 trout fry in the streams of that county for the Ocean Shore railroad company. The fish were distributed as follows: Frenchman creek, 20,000; Pedro, 20,000; Dennison and Ward, 20,000; Purissima, 40,000; Lobitas, 75,000; Tunitas, 40,000; San Gregorio, 70,000. W.A. L. Miller, Frank M. Smith and George A. Wentworth recently planted 100,000 steelhead fry from the Ukiah hatchery Sonoma creek for the California anglers’ association 


Hi John and Cristina,
   The attached ScreenShot about fish plants probably involved the OSR rail car you mentioned. I saw it by chance amongst the thousands I have and figured I’d send it along. Enjoy. John

Wow, thanks John for the great article. It ties in with a story I am developing about the station agent at Tunitas depot grumbling about having to plant the fish in the creek. It was  from Ocean Shore Railroad engineer Adolph Seigel. Thanks very much.

Regards, John Schmale
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