Lynne S.: The Search for the Kalenborn Summer Cabin Has Been Found

The Kalenborn Cabin has been found in Dearborn Park.  The following story was written BEFORE the summer home was found. Congraulations to Lynne

Story by Lynne S.

We are looking without success ….


In the 1920s my grandparents Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Kalenborn had a small summer cabin near Pescadero.  Their children were Margaret (Peggy),  Katherine (Kay), Fred, and Rudy.


We visited about 15 years ago.  I can remember turning close to some large green houses and driving on a flatish gravel road past some older rural houses …. finally getting to more forested area. 


Does any of this make any sense to you ???   Any ideas ???  We were in the area on Sunday and found nothing that looked familiar.  It seems as if this area backed into the Butano.  We did go into the park. 


It was interesting that a sign at the front of the visitor center at Butano Park showed my grandparents names A. S. Kalenborn as having contributed $100 – $500 … probably a lot of money at the time.


We tried to check ownership of the land in Redwood City (San Mateo County records) but then we thought that maybe Pescadero records for the 1920s might be found somewhere else.


My brother and family are flying out on this Wednesday and want to view the old vacation area if we can find it.



Lynnes grandmother’s Emma Kalenborn (was very active in the Historical Society) …. her father was Clarence Hayward who lived in/near Pescadero.

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