Photographer/Filmmaker Susan Friedman Says Hello

[Image from Susan Friendman and her exceptional book Equus]


Story by Susan Friedman

Hi June,

I just saw your article and I thank you.  I’ve been busy with my student’s finals, grades and that awful flu.   I did go up to my show yesterday with several photo friends and they took some pictures of me and I think you wanted to know what I looked like.   Hope you are wel

Kind regards,


Studio on the Mountain
Susan Friedman

P.S. From June: When I was taking a break from the heavy death of my life partne, I visited Napa for a much-needed break, and coincidentally Susan Friedman was opening a show nearby at the IWolk Gallery. I was lucky to pick up two of her works that I am so proud to have. I met Susan years ago when she was working in a funky barn south of Pescadero. For me, it was a special moment, the beginning of her successful career, and I will never forget it.

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