John Vonderlin: Will he re-enter the “Fordbidden Zone?”

Story by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
Who knows?, with Larry F. on the mend, we might just mount an expedition into “The Forbidding Zone.” this Fall. This ScreenShot from a high-altitude aerial photo on the California Coastal Records Project website is an interesting view, ever so different from the water level photos I’ve sent you. That tiny gap, shown in Gordon’s Chute’s foundation rock, is the lowspot I’ve sent photos of, and hopefully a feasible route into the cove to the north during extreme low tides. Enjoy. John P.S. I thought you might enjoy seeing some stuff without feeling you need to do some work related to it, so I’m going to send a few things like this,  By the way, could that sinuous road be the old stage road?


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