March 1923: Subdivided: 10,000 acres

“Consisting of 10,000 Acres at Pescadero To Be Subdivided”
From the Half Moon Bay Review, March 1923

“Lyon and Hoag announces the placing on the market of the famous Peninsula Farms Ranch at Pescadero (formerly known as the Coburn LC10 ranch.)

This ranch is the last large holding down the peninsula in San Mateo County, close to San Francisco and it is also recognized as the largest body of artichoke and vegetable land in California.

“There are several hundred acres in full bearing artichokes, and the bottom land along the streams which is wonderfully fertile and adapted to the growth of early peas, sprouts, lettuce, cabbage, early potatoes and all other varieties of vegetables.

“The owners have spent a large amount of money in developing an adequate irrigation system at a cost of approximately $100,000, making the largest body of irrigated vegetable land in San Mateo county. The attractive features of this project is the fact that the purchaser steps into a large income from the time he takes possession. Artichokes have been bringing this season from $12 to $18 per crate, and the average yield is about 50 crates per acre, so returns are almost unbelievable, and the growth of artichokes is one of the most renumerative of all farming industries. Owing to the fact that the available land for artichoke growing is very limited, and the industry is only in its infancy many people are being attracted to this particular line of agriiculture and it is the one branch of farming that cannot overdone, as there is not sufficient land with proper climatic conditions available. The Peninsula Farms Property is right in the center of the artichoke district and therefore is attractive on account of the fact that this class of farming in this locality is not experimental but an assured fact.

“The Halfmoon Bay Coastside Artichoke Growers Association is spending a large amount of money throughout the United States at the present time in placing before the people the valuable qualities of artichokes. There are very few green vegetables to be had at the time that artichokes begin to come into the market therefore they demand a very high price and the outlet for this vegetable is unlimited, it being impossible to supply the demand.

“Another very renumerative crop is early Irish potatoes and several cars have already been shipped from this ranch and sold at a fancy price realizing a handsome net return to the grower.

“The bottom land is dark chocolate loam soil, very rich, and all the vegetables grown in and around San Francisco, will do exceptionally well on these lands.

“The owners of this ranch have a rate of $6.00 by truck per ton from the field to the commission house to San Francisco or direct to cars. This is a big item and is cheaper than rail transportation.

“Many locl people have been waiting for this ranch to be subdivided into small tracts and every indication is that it will be rapidly sold to people who know the value of property.

“Since the announcement of the sale of this ranch sales of over $50,000 have been made with many inquiries and every indication for quick market for the whole property.

“The ranch is only a couple hours ride from San Francisco by automobile, is reached via San Mateo/Half Moon Bay and thence to Pescadero.”

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