1891: The Pebble Beach Road

From the “Coastside Advocate,” September 1891.

“The Pebble Beach Raod”

Pescadero is disgusted, indignant, and angry, and well it should be, for one of the greatest attractions and pleasantest features—Pebble Beach–has been formally closed against all. L. Coburn, who owns the land lying between the county road and the ocean, has locked the gate on the road leading to the beach which has been open to the public for thirty years, and emphatically forbids trespassing on his property. As there is no other access to the beach the action appears a piece of spiteful officousness. What Mr. Coburn’s motive is we cannot conceive, as the road through his land does not injure it in any way, and as he is one of the largest land owners in this section it seems that he would be vitally interested in the progress and popularity of Pescadero, instead of depriving it of its chief attraction. Mr. Coburn doubtless has reasons for taking this selfish measure, but we seriously doubt if the reasons are justifiable, whatever they may be. A petition signed by almost every tax-payer in the community has gone to the Supervisors praying them to condemn a road through Mr. Coburn’s property to the beach. As to the beach itself it is below high water mark and of course government tide land. And, as to the road, the law reads plainly that a road that has been used as a highway for five years or longer cannot be closed against the public without special aciton by the Supervisors. Mr. Coburn has made himself universally unpopular by this action and the people are now determined to carry the matter to a final issue and ascertain if Mr. Coburn can legally tyrannize over them as he is endeavoring to.”


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