From John Vonderlin’s New Camera: “Golf Balls in Outer Space”

JohnVStory/Images from John Vonderlin

Hi June,

I checked out a new book from my library entitled, “Hubble Imaging Space and Time.” It’s a great coffee table book with lots of excellent. awe-inspiring photos, and a comprehensive insider history of the Hubble Space Telescope project. When I was looking at various pictures of the now famous “Eagle Nebula,” whose pictures were plastered all over the media in 1995, and revolutionized Space photography, I realized it would be a great background for close-ups of some of the golfball remnants I collected this year. Though Neptune’s Vomitorium has been quite unproductive this year, every once in a while it spit out a golfball or two. Some of them quite old and fantastically eroded as this one.



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