Jordan Schwab Remembers San Gregorio’s Worm Farm


Story by Jordan Schwab

I just inadvertently stumbled across your website and found the article on San Gregorio Farms.
My name is Jordan Schwab (Son of Michael Schwab and Sandra Schwab)

[Image below: Michael Schwab, Jordan’s dad, sings with the “Full Faith & Credit Band” during an event at San Gregorio Farms.]

Full Faith

and I grew up in San Gregorio on the old worm farm and have intimate and first hand knowledge of the people involved there and the farm itself. I grew up with “uncle” Channing¬†chan and would visit his house in Moss Beach regularly. I remember the General Store, the Greenpeace festivals put on by the Cattermole’s, and all of the eccentric characters that would hang around the area. If you have any knowledge of the farm, you may know that it was less a farm and more of a “spiritual” haven i suppose. I wouldn’t know where to start . . . it would fill a whole book.¬† If you are ever interested in knowing more, I would love to share with you the very unique and priviledged perpective I had growing up there.

Cool website by the way, It hit me with such a wave of nostalgia that i’m still reeling,

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