Hi Zane, this is about the Kesey-Prankster movie

Email John Vonderlin ([email protected])

Hi Zane,
I exchanged emails with you, George Walker, and Cap’n Skypilot last year about the W.W. II Observation Post tunnel in a cliffside that the Pranksters were allegedly trapped in by the tsunami from the 1964 Good Friday Quake and the “Graffitti Grotto,” where you scratched your initials into the side of a sea cave on an isolated beach decades ago.

This email was prompted by author Russell Towle contacting PescaderoMemories.com, one of the blogs about the San Mateo coast and its history that author June Morrall maintains. Russell had lived in a driftwood structure on the beach in front of artist Merrill Pickford’s ( aka Stuart Harwood) commune at Ano Nuevo. Russell was looking for a copy of a movie your father made at the commune and surrounding dunes. Russell, his friends and their driftwood structure were in the movie. Are you familiar with the film? Are there copies for sale? Anything you can tell us to point us in the right direction to help solve this mystery would be appreciated. Enjoy. John Vonderlin

P.S. I read in the newspaper about your successful efforts to raise money for the wrestling team with the new “Further,” Congratulations. Your Dad would have been proud of you.
Hi John

The movie was called Atlantis Rising, never was edited. I just gave the film to the UCLA archives…they should give me high def video someday…that I might be able to edit….maybe? someday?


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