Russell Towle Asks: Is Kesey Ancient History?

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This body of material forms, as it were, the film companion to “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” It is quite an important aspect of our history.

I find I am only echoing Tom Wolfe himself, who wrote in EKAT [Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test] in the first paragraph of Chapter Four,

“… Kesey stands in the gloom of the Control Central, over to the side amid the tapes, and cans of movie film marked with adhesive strips, and notebooks and microphones and wires and coils, speakers, amplifiers. The Prankster Archives … .”

I dug out EKAT for my seventeen-year-old son, Greg. Surely Greg should know of his own father’s youth. Where better to learn than EKAT? Alas, Greg has a new video game on his PlayStation (PS) portable gaming
thingamajig. He can’t be bothered with ancient history.


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